PPS Benefits

At Private Portfolio Services (PPS), we are dedicated to providing high-quality product, service, and experience. Eric McCarver, who has been consulting in the financial services field for 24 years, manages our retirement plans department.

Group Retirement Plans

Objective Provider Search

We are an independent financial consulting practice, which means that we work only for you. Our team starts by gathering detailed information about your company and its existing retirement plan, as well as the features and benefits you desire. Because we have access to nearly every retirement plan provider available, the information we gather is critical to selecting the few carriers that will best meet your company's needs. Once we have reviewed each provider's proposal, your company will be presented with only the most appropriate plans to your company.

Plan Establishment
Once your company has chosen a plan provider, we will assist the provider in each step of your plan's establishment or takeover.

Plan Review

We have found that the primary factor in a company's decision to change retirement plan providers is lack of ongoing service. At PPS, we understand that your retirement plan is a vital employee benefit. As a result, we meet regularly with employees, as well as trustees and investment committees, to update them as to the plan's progress and any industry or plan changes they ought to be aware of.

General Service

Our promise is to be there for you in any situation. We want to be the one phone number you can call to have all of your retirement plan questions answered.